Frequently asked questions about working with us, Health At Every Size®, Non-Diet Approaches and our Eating Disorder Recovery Services.


How do I know if I will benefit from working with you?

If any of the following are part of your lived experience you may benefit from working with a Body Balance Nutritionist or Dietitian.

  • You have been diagnosed with, or you think you have, an eating disorder or disordered eating.
  • You are seeking additional eating disorder recovery support.
  • You feel preoccupied with food, have developed unusual habits or find yourself obsessing about what, when and how much to eat.
  • Your day to day feelings are determined by how “good” you have been with food, or how much you weigh on the scales.
  • Your relationship with food feels “all or nothing” – you’re either “on” or “off” the diet wagon, and often find yourself starting again on Monday mornings.
  • You feel like you’ve lost touch with your hunger and fullness and how to eat
  • You want support to raise children who are confident, competent eaters, comfortable in their bodies.
  • You know dieting doesn’t work but you’re not sure what to do instead.
How much will appointments cost?

Our rates are as of August 2019:

$185 for a new client appointment, please allow 60-90 minutes to complete this assessment.

Appointments thereafter are $140, please allow 50 minutes.

*At your practitioners discretion and depending on what you are working on, shorter sessions of 30 minutes may be appropriate, our fee is $80.

How do I pay for appointments?

You will receive an invoice following your appointment to pay securely online either via bank transfer or with a debit/credit card.

Do you accept health insurance?

Our fees may be covered on some health insurance plans. Please check with your provider to see if you’re covered under your plan. 

Southern Cross customers appear to have dietetic and nutrition care available in almost all health insurance policies.

Some health insurance providers may require your doctor or medical specialist to write a referral.

Our referrals are received electronically to:

Attn: Clinical Administrator

Body Balance Nutrition & Dietetics


Please ensure your referring doctor/healthcare practitioner provides details of relevant medical history, examination findings & investigations.

Where are you located and what is parking like?

We have clinics in Auckland and Wellington.

We consult with our clients and patients residing anywhere in New Zealand online, via virtual/online clinic rooms.

We have onsite parking at both our Auckland and Wellington clinics.

I'd like to make an appointment, what do I need to do next?

The fastest way to book your appointment is using our online booking request form here and we will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

Non-diet approaches

What exactly can I expect from an appointment?

Our approach to nutrition and health is a little different, it’s relaxed, exploratory and exciting.

Depending on your personal experiences and needs you may discuss a range of topics with your Nutritionist or Dietitian – we deliver “lessons in eating” that are influenced by or three pillar approach to nutrition and wellness.

What is the Non-Diet Approach™ and Intuitive Eating?

The Non-Diet Approach™ :

It’s become apparent, in both clinical practice and the research informing our clinical work, that the practice of dieting or intentional weight manipulation for the majority of people with weight, health or body image concerns is unhelpful – and often harmful.

We recognise that all bodies deserve care and timely treatment that does not discriminate on the basis of body size or shape.  

Using the Non-Diet Approach™ principles, a clinical practice developed by our Australian colleague *Fiona Willer AdvAPD, we can help you to better health without dieting.

We will work with you to optimise “health” in the context of what is important and accessible to you, whilst considering your own social, medical, lifestyle, weight and dieting history. 

Clinical trials have shown that the Non-Diet Approach™ can have numerous benefits, including reducing LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, decreasing body dissatisfaction and depression self-ratings, increasing physical activity levels and fitness, and long term weight stability.

*The Non-Diet Approach™ methods were brought together by Fiona Willer, Accredited Practising Dietitian and academic in Nutrition and Dietetics as part of her PhD study into the use of Health at Every Size® practice by health professionals.

Intuitive Eating:

Intuititive Eating is a gentle approach to nutrition, nourishment and movement, a process through which we learn to utilise and trust our bodies inner wisdom to make choices about food and movement.

Intuitive eating is a body and food peace movement, where we learn to accept body diversity, our unique genetic blueprint and to filter out the diet culture noise, and food rules – the ones we are encouraged to rely on in order to know when, what and how to eat.

Through our nutrition sessions together we work strengthen your internal food and movement framework so you can rely on your intuition to make decisions.

You can read more about Intuitive Eating here>>

I want to see someone about my digestive health or allergy/intolerance issues - can the non diet approach help me?

Yes absolutely. We work with clients coping with a diverse range of challenges including allergies, intolerances, digestive disturbances or other health concerns.

We can help you to incorporate mindfulness and intuitive eating principles as appropriate into your nutrition or dietetic sessions.

I’m not sure I am ready for HAES or IE. Can I still make an appointment?

Of course! In our experience clients often attend their first appointment having decided that they can no longer carry on with the ‘diet’, their ‘food rules’ or cope with their current food relationship but are uncertain of what the next steps or the solution may look like. (They are wondering if I’m not dieting…. then what?)

That is ok (and normal!), and we understand that turning your back on dieting, trying to lose weight, stick to a plan or cut certain foods out may feel scary or like you are ‘giving up’ on yourself.

When you come to your sessions here at Body Balance Nutrition, we will meet you where you are at and we will work from there.

If you are adamant that it is a meal plan or prescribed diet you want, then please keep in mind, we may not the right nutrition and dietetic partner for you.  

How long will I need to see you?

This is highly variable and best assessed at your initial appointment with your nutritionist or dietitian.

That is ok (and normal!), and we understand that turning your back on dieting, trying to lose weight, stick to a plan or cut certain foods out may feel scary or like you are ‘giving up’ on yourself.

When you come to your sessions here at Body Balance Nutrition, we will meet you where you are at and we will work from there.

If you are certain that it is a meal plan or prescribed diet you want, then please keep in mind, we may not the right nutrition and dietetic partner for you.  

Will I lose weight?

The Non-Diet Approaches™ are a compassionate, weight inclusive approach to healing your relationship with food, movement and your body.

The focus is shifted from weight loss to self-care and health promoting behaviours. We will not weigh you, weight is not an indicator of success when working within the non diet paradigm.

For some, through the practice of self-care, engagement in movement and selection of nourishing food choices (*both physical and psychologically nourishing) there may be changes in body size and shape, some clients may lose weight, others may gain weight and some will remain weight stable.


I haven’t been diagnosed with an eating disorder and I don’t think I have one, can I still work with you?

Yes, absolutely! Many of our clients seek guidance on a wide range of food and movement challenges – you do not need a formal diagnosis to seek our support. If you are experiencing any discomfort or challenge within your food or body relationship you will likely benefit from Body Balance Nutrition non-diet nutrition therapy or rehabilitation services.


Patients and clients enrolled in our nutrition rehabilitation program will likely receive a meal plan as part of early recovery.

Will you communicate with the rest of my treatment/recovery team?

We will always ask who you would like your treatment & recovery summaries shared with before we contact members of your recovery team.

We believe eating disorder recovery requires a collaborative approach with open communication between members of your multidisciplinary team to ensure all aspects of your recovery are holistically addressed. Eating disorders are never ‘just about the food,’ to achieve recovery both food and feelings need to be addressed in the recovery process.

As part of our recovery road mapping service we are happy to coordinate communication between providers, this will require you to sign an information release.

Will I see the same dietitian/nutritionist every time?

Yes, you will work with the same practitioner. We believe continuity of care is important in the recovery process.

We are a collaborative, collegial group practice, meeting regularly to review our client caseloads and recovery roadmaps as a wider team. You can be sure that whilst you are working with just one practitioner in clinic, your roadmap has been reviewed by our clinical team.

Can you recommend other health professionals who may be able to help me in my recovery journey?

Yes! We integrate with a number of other health professionals, and can recommend like minded, compassionate recovery service providers in your area.

Please note we endorse the work or the following specific clinicians, not necessarily their affiliated organisations and colleagues.

We refer to:


Emma Thomas – Psychotherapist

New Zealand Eating Disorders Clinic

HAES informed provider.

Lize Strauss – Clinical Psychologist

Central Psychology

Trauma Informed, LGBTTIQ+ affirmative practice.

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