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Body Balance Nutrition is seeking expressions of interest from Wellington & Dunedin based Dietitian’s to provide non-diet nutrition and dietetic counseling. Experience, or an interest and current supervision, in Eating Disorders will be favourable.

You must be a team player, capable of working with a growing collaboratively with our enthusiastic virtual team of Nutritionists, Dietitians and support crew!

1. Read the Job Description here>>Non-Diet, HAES, ED Dietitian.

2. To Apply | Email Jess:

3. You must have the relevant registration and experience and be based in Wellington or Dunedin.

These roles are flexible work hours and could supplement other clinical work or employment – to be negotiated.

All applications and enquiries are confidential.


Want to Join the Team?



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Coming Soon!

Nutritionist. Medical Student. Nigella Fangirl. Bookshelf Elf. Tiramisu Connoisseur. Diet Non-Conformist.

Through my unashamedly BS-free blog posts & in demand consultations I’m here to wing-woman you through your dieting break up.

It’s my mission to share health and nutrition information with honesty, integrity and transparency. My work and opinions have featured in the NZ Herald as well as glossy magazines and web-portals like; Fashion Quarterly, Simply You, Living Well Magazine and Eat Well NZ.

When I’m not teaching others how to fall back in love with food and their bodies, you’ll find me planning my next backyard adventure, savouring anything remotely tiramisu-y or studying Medicine in a city so far South I could hi-5 Antarctic wildlife!

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Ready to break up with diets? I’m yo wing-woman! Let me guide you through it step-by-step.